Michal Iwinski
Michal Iwinski, Practice Principal/ Mortgage & Protection Adviser (MSc, CeMAP)
Tel. 07871 557 051
Email. michal.iwinskiariesfinancial.co.uk
Ever since I was a teenager, I quickly realised that the best job to match my personality lay in dealing with people. I also had a strong desire to become financially and personally independent. I became Regional Sales Representative in FMCG sector at the age of 19 and my journey in sales continued until my departure from Poland back in 2005. My homeland at that time could not fulfil my ambitions.

Soon after I gained a Master’s Degree in Economics (European Integration) I flew to Scotland. At the beginning of my stay I was lucky enough to be appointed as a Paralegal in one of the leading personal injury lawyers’ firms in Scotland. At the same time there was a mass exodus of Eastern Europeans and thanks to the UK’s immigration policy most of them came to the UK. I reached an agreement with my firm and we opened our arms out to help all of them should our services be needed. At that time no one knew where to go if they had been involved in a road traffic accident, accident at work or had been a victim of medical negligence.

In 2011 we were the market leader amongst Polish people and our firm dealt with 90% of Polish cases in Scotland. We had plans to expand to other minorities. For me it was the right time to move on as I had already set up an insurance agency in a company called AIG Life and my aim was to offer protection to Eastern Europeans and their families and also try and get a foothold on the Scottish Market. Demand was huge and I helped to develop many advisers in order to set up my ambitious team. We then became part of one of the largest protection businesses in the world - MetLife. In 2014 we joined Openwork, one of the most trusted and financially stable financial networks in the UK. It gave us the opportunity to widen our proposition even further to our clients. To meet demand, I gained a full CeMAP qualification in 2018 and I have now set up Aries Financial Ltd to offer mortgages and protection.

When time allows, I am studying for a Level 4 Diploma in Financial Services. My desire is to become a Wealth Adviser and therefore allow my firm to offer pensions and wealth solutions. 

On a personal note, I have two lovely children Julia and Frank and try my best to be a good dad every single day. 

I love classic cars and my lifelong dream is to own several gems in my own garage. 

I am proud to have formed Aries Financial Ltd, staffed by experienced, friendly and ethically minded people who help our customers make choices they would personally make for themselves and their families. We will always represent you, the client.
Mariusz Zdybel
Mariusz Zdybel, Mortgage & Protection Adviser (CeMAP)
Tel. 0 7872 937 631
Email. mariusz.zdybelariesfinancial.co.uk
Having arrived to Scotland in 2006 with my family, I started looking for prospective opportunities to lay down the foundations for a prosperous future. During that time, I found myself in various positions and industries that mainly revolved around me interacting with and helping others, making their lives and work easier. This experience solidified my conviction that it is only natural to me to offer assistance to those who need it.

All the above led me to pursuing a career in a field where being of use to clients is paramount, or rather the core of the occupation. Consequently, I jumped at the opportunity to become an Insurance Advisor with Owl Financial. This was clearly the perfect choice for me, as I soon became incredibly interested in building my skills so that I could perform this job to the best of my ability and provide my clients with the finest service. As I continued to develop in this field, I took up the position of Area Sales Manager and successfully trained and led a team of insurance advisors.

The instinctive next step to take was to branch out towards mortgage advising. I quickly took it upon myself to earn a Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice and I am glad to have joined such a welcoming and professional team here at Aries Financial.

I am the father of two young adults and my motivation is to encourage them in their pursuits, assist them when necessary, and build stronger relationships.

Out of my working hours, I often find myself either in my garden or riding my motorcycle to feel the wind in my hair. Together with my lovely wife, I also head out to explore and visit many different places around Scotland. One of my favourites has to be Glen Muick.
Mateusz Struglinski
Mateusz Struglinski, Mortgage & Protection Adviser (CeMAP)
Tel. 0 7514 573 115
Email. mateusz.struglinskiariesfinancial.co.uk
When I started my financial services journey at the age of 18, I never thought it would become my career. It has been 12 years since I took that first step and I have successfully built long term relationships with my clients due to my commitment to providing the best service possible. It has always been important to me to support my clients, gaining their trust and helping them prepare for the different situations the future may hold.

In 2021, with studying and commitment, I realised I could offer a wider proposition for my clients as my initial journey had become my career, I had found my passion. Soon after qualifying, I was delighted to be offered a position as a Mortgage Adviser with Aries Financial Ltd and I am now able to help my clients achieve their mortgage and protection goals.

On personal note, I am a keen car and motorbike enthusiast, I also love sailing when I have the chance.
Klaudia Pic
Klaudia Pic, Senior Protection Adviser
Tel. 0 7941 045 056
Email. klaudia.picariesfinancial.co.uk
I was born in Radom, Poland and I have always loved being amongst people in a constantly changing environment, I suppose that’s why I was interested in journalism. However, I had begun my studies when life took a different direction and in 2009, I took the opportunity to move to Scotland.

In 2016, I was offered the opportunity to join Owl Financial and I began my financial services career. During the last 6 years I have helped many clients protect themselves, their loved ones and given them peace of mind. I believe building long term relationships with my clients is very important during their continuous life journey.

I am delighted to have started 2022, by joining Aries Financial Ltd, as a Senior Protection Adviser. I have the chance to work with a great team and have the flexibility and independence to progress my career. My career is a passion and I am happy to use my knowledge and experience to help clients find the best solutions for them and their families. Joining Aries Financial Ltd has also given me the opportunity to develop my career through studying professional qualifications and I am excited by what the future holds.

At home, I am happy mom of young boy and when I have time I love reading books, and have recently discovered an interest in interior design. Hiking and snowboarding are passions too and Scotland gives me plenty opportunity for both.
Joanna Wazny
Joanna Wazny, Mortgage & Protection Adviser (CeMAP)
Tel. 0 7769 358 771
Email. joanna.waznyariesfinancial.co.uk
In 2007 I arrived to Scotland for studies purposes. Few years after I gained Bachelor Degree in Business and Master Degree in Finance. Post graduation in 2014 I started working in banking and investment sector.

In 2017 I decided to build my own properties portfolio in order to gain a passive income and secure my retirement. Soon after achieving my goals I realised I can help others when it comes to purchasing their dream home or building their own properties portfolio.

I have obtained my Mortgage Advice Certificate (CeMAP) from London Institute of Banking and joined Aries Financial Ltd as Mortgage and Protection Adviser.

My career is a passion and I am happy to use my knowledge and experience to help clients find the best solutions for them and their families.

At home, I have lovely daughter, Emily who makes sure I’m always occupied.
Ash Sheikh
Ash Sheikh, Mortgage & Protection Adviser (MA Hons, MSc, Cert CII (MP))
Tel. 0 7801 269 169
Email. ash.sheikhariesfinancial.co.uk
After graduating with two Masters degrees, an MA in Financial Economics
as well as an MSc in IT & Business, I initially started my professional
career with TSB working in Retail Banking and then Corporate Lending. I
soon realised that there was was a lack of quality, tailored advice for
clients so I decided to slightly change my career path and qualify as a
CII Mortgage & Protection Adviser in 2006.

I have a wealth of experience in providing expert mortgage & protection
advice and specialise in the New Build market. I have extensive contacts
throughout Scotland and house builders and know how their various
incentives operate. I am customer focussed and really passionate about
financial services and getting clients the best deal possible, my belief
is in really understanding my clients and making sure that they excel in
the goals that they are working towards.

In my spare time, I like to travel and love gardening and I am a judge
for the Scottish Home Awards.